One of our most successful activities is undoubtedly the refitting of automation systems. Today we can count, for this activity, the four ships of the series ” Repubbliche ” of the Grimaldi Group Naples we have achieved recently and five ships of same Owner , in preparation for the coming months. This experience has allowed us to develop procedures for engineering and logistics designed to manage critical factors to which we encounter during a refit , such as:

– minimization of the stop time for the vessel;

– Keeping of the layout of the old system;

Good management of these two factors leads to have the ship ” not in operation ” only a few days and a ” handling ” of the same, by the crew, virtually unchanged compared to the old system.

One of the very important features that distinguishes us in the market , is the fact that we do not use proprietary components . For our activities we use products on the world market, which have the performance and quality that our customers require.

In this lies our cooperation, thus established for years with Rockwell Automation that allowed us through its sales network to be present on the international market by presenting innovative and reliable solutions at competitive costs.